Cheap Trick- April 2008

30 years.

That is how long I have been a fan of the band Cheap Trick. 30 years.

It was 1978, late summer, and I was a 10 year old kid living in Tupelo, MS. WTUP was the rock station in Tupelo, and when we were not listening to my older sister’s castoff 45’s, my brother and I had the radio on. It was during that summer that I heard the words, “ I want you….to want me,” followed by the classic drum pattern that blasts into 3 minutes of pure pop bliss. It was around this same time that I decided I was going to be a rock singer.

Fast forward to high school, Cheap Trick was not cool and neither was I. But I had every one of their tapes in my car…and if you got in the car, you were going to hear them.Even more annoying to the same brother I mentioned before- you were going to hear me- singing along at full volume.

20 years.

That is how long I have been a practicing musician. 20 years.

Around the same time Cheap Trick was having a resurgence with their release of Lap of Luxury, which contained a #1 hit with “The Flame,” a top 5 hit with “Don’t Be Cruel,” and a top 40 hit with “Ghost Town,” I bought an electric guitar and jumped on stage with some local cover bands.

Over the next couple of years, I started and quit my first couple of bands, played several hundred shows in every dive in North Carolina and learned how to sing.

10 years.

That is how long it has been since I released my first cd. 10 years.

1998, and Cheap Trick had just released a return to form, self-titled cd.It contained no hit singles, but it put the music world on notice that Cheap Trick could still deliver the goods. That same summer, the band I was in was making little ripples in the Mid-Atlantic region which would never grow into full grown waves….oh well…didn’t kill the love of the music.

The point in all this is that throughout my musical life there has been a constant. In this world of careers lasting no more than the life of one song, Cheap Trick has been plugging away, making music for people like me.In a career that has taken them from clubs to stadiums to clubs again, Cheap Trick has kept going. Thirty years in one band? Has to be for the love of music…a love I share.

Last night I had the privilege of seeing them play in High Point, and by my count that is around the twentieth time I have seen them. Each time takes me back to that 10 year old in Tupelo hearing “I want you to want me” for the first time.Each time makes me thankful that I can go out and do the same thing, albeit on a much smaller scale.

I started out to write a review of the show and changed course. Here is that review for you- Cheap Trick in their 50’s is better than 99% of the bands who are now in their 20’s. Their influence is huge, not only in sound but in attitude. They are never flashy, but always consistent.

Thanks to Cheap Trick for 30 years of tunes.
Thanks for allowing that 10 year old to still live in me.


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