Avril’s Guitarist, Evan Taubenfeld, steps out

With his upcoming solo release, Welcome to the Blacklist Club, Evan Taubenfeld is stepping out from the shadow of his former boss- multi-platinum artist Avril Lavigne. The album is pretty much what you would expect from one of her co-writers- polished, guitar driven pop. The first single is a co-write with Bleu- “Boy meets Girl,” and is a perfect soundtrack to a late summer day.

I had the opportunity to speak with Evan about this upcoming cd, and his appearance at the Fillmore in Charlotte on September 17. Unlike a lot of touring artists- this 25 year old is funny, self-deprecating and very personable…

Evan Taubenfeld

CH: Thanks for taking the time to chat- The tour you are about to embark on- is this your first solo trek?

ET: No, actually this is my second one. I did a similar tour a couple months back with a band called the Academy is. I got the rust out of my system and am now ready to return to rock greatness. Haha. I am sure it is anxiously awaited. Haha

CH: I have heard your single, “Boy Meets Girl” on Sirius XM several times. I was familiar with the Bleu version of this song- yours is very good, congrats on the pre-release radio play…

ET: Bleu McCauley-yeah… we have written together many times. He had this chorus, and this is very presumptuous of me, I said that is too good for you HAHA, I am taking it and fix it up, gonna make a better verse and make it my song.

CH: This single is on your solo debut, Welcome to the Blacklist Club. What is the official release date?

ET: Well, it is funny that you ask that. Originally it was August 4, and then I kept saying in interviews- August 25…cause I liked the ring of that better. HA. But I got something yesterday that said it was September 15, due to me totally procrastinating on approving the album artwork.

CH: I wanted to ask about your influences, as clichéd as that is. On the tracks I have heard, I get a lot of Rick Springfield…

ET: It is funny you say that. I made sure that everyone I worked with on this album, producers and co-writers, listened to “Jesse’s Girl” before we even got together. In terms of writing- the Beatles and the Police, obviously, because they are the best ever. I love pop! Everything from Kellie Clarkson, Avril, Ace of Base, Jordan Sparks, or David Archuletta…. I don’t care who it is, if it is a great song, I love it.

CH: Well, I share that philosophy with you. A great song is a great song no matter the artist. Best of luck with the debut cd, and this tour.

ET: Thanks a lot! Hope to see you there.

Evan Taubenfeld will be appearing at the Fillmore in Charlotte on September 17.


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