Top Records of 2011….

The Damnwells- No One Listens to the Band Anymore

The Damnwells are just good. Not a cop-out that statement.
Alex Dezen can quite simply write a song and deliver it. This 2011 release stands up next to everything else he has released, and anyone else for that matter. If the year was 1975, we would be wearing T-shirts with his face on it, and he would have a tv show like John Denver. Being 2011, I will take a new album a year… please.

Rival Sons- Pressure and Time

A return of rock music and great vocalists? Or just a last gasp? Who cares- this album shows that rock is not completely dead, and that kids still grow up thinking Robert Plant is someone to aspire to be…and not all kids wanna be Eminem- and to me that is fantastic news.

stratocruiser – the spark

I admit, I co-wrote this concept album. Sang on it too. But you know what? I would like it if I wasn’t on it- and that is a true statement.

Glen Campbell- Ghost on the Canvas

Not sure what to say about this one. Great on every account. The true story might be the production and partnership that created this farewell to an American classic. What could have been a sad or even morose goodbye is more of an affirmation of Mr. Campbell’s career.

Lenny Kravitz- Black and White America

A return to form. Too famous to be cool anymore, but there are some real keepers here- “Stand” is a much better song than that “Fly Away” tune that will not go away.

Dawes- Nothing Is Wrong

Like the Damnwells, these songs hold a mood. A direct line goes from the 70′ s California rock sound to this album, but what is wrong with that?  Better that than a direct line from Madonna to Gaga, in my opinion.

Butch Walker- Spade

great songwriting and performance here. Hear that his new book is pretty great, too.

The Maine- Pioneer

Just a fine little group of songs. Surprised me right here at the end of the year.


These are in no specific order…And they lean very much towards the Pop side of the world, but so do I in my listening tastes….I will add others as I remember them.


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